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Marci Tolman
RussVegas Half Marathon
April 18, 2020

My Cause:

Arkansas's children in need!

My Story

I have personally been affected by the care given at a children's hospital. My younger sister, Alexis, was in and out of hospitals here entire life. I'm not sure how long she would have lasted without them. But I also know the finacial burden my family was burried under. My goal is to raise as much as possible to help the children and their families in Arkansas. Every dollar is worth it. Please help me in this cause so dear to my heart!

$750.00 of $750 goal
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Recent Donations

$50.00    Wolfe and Son's Show Pigs


$350.00    Denali Water Solutions


$50.00    Anonymous

Message:  Kuykendall and Heather

$25.00    Melissa Hankins

Message:  Love you!

$75.00    Lisa Ashley

Message:  You go girl! Thank you for working for this cause!=.

$60.00    Odessa Hedgecock

Message:  Way to go girl!! Love you!!

$40.00    Julie George


$50.00    Anonymous

Message:  So proud of you! Sarah Jane

$50.00    Anonymous

Message:  Way to go! Love Sally and John

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