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Rachel Kluender
RussVegas Half Marathon
April 18, 2020

My Cause:

Garrett Wood and the Cleft Team

My Story

My wonderful nephew Garrett just turned sixteen, which makes sixteen years' worth of trips between Russellville and ACH he and his parents have been making since he was born. The cleft team and everyone our family has worked with have been amazing, and any amount, no matter how tiny, that anyone wants to contribute in honor of Garrett, the fabulous Children's staff, or someone else in your life with a similar story, will be hugely appreciated!

$400.00 of $350 goal
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Recent Donations

$50.00    Verkler Trucking


$50.00    Anonymous

Message:  Smashing goals & doing good things!

$100.00    Lester Burrow

Message:  Have fun, thank you for running for the Angles.

$100.00    Larry Schmidt

Message:  Always glad to help one of my favorite people and favorite causes.

$25.00    Anonymous

Message:  Thank you for caring for G-man (and all the other ACH babies)!

$50.00    Katherine Kluender


$25.00    Anonymous


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